Five go mad…

HelersOysterAn adventurous December morming walk with the Osbournes and a set of walkie-talkies. We found –  Crepitodus mollis (brown gills, elastic peelable cuticle), Jelly Ear, Deceiver,  Clouded Funnel, Coprinellus micaceus plus two mycenas and a couple of LBJ’s.

Mycena_vitalis Mycena_vitalis_GEC_1000

We found a new mycena for us with quite a tough stem. This appears to be the Snapping Bonnet, Mycena vitalis (with finger-like projections on the GEC – see photo). Identified using the simple BMS key. Stem is quite tough but snaps when twisted.

Laccaria_spores_1000 Laccaria_laccata_spore_1000Left: Laccaria laccata spores