Sunny Sunday

Still lots to find.. we found several Mycenas, some growing straight from the moss or even bark of trees (later identified as M.hiemalis and M.arcangeliana respectively). Mycena galopus was the only one ID’d in the field with its milkly exudate from the broken stem and growth on leaf litter. Also Glistening Inkcaps, many brittlestems (including loads of conopilus), Plicatura crispa, Jelly Ear and a blewit..

20141130_102751-1_resized 20141130_095442_resized 20141130_095818_resized 20141130_100150_resized20141130_102718-1_resizedGEC_1000


The last photo shows warty gill-edge cystidia of M.arcangeliana